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I Believe that No Professional Should Quietly Fail. With these trainings, I know that is possible. Learn to be the professional and stand out against the rest. 

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"I had the pleasure of working with Tysha a few weeks ago when I was looking to fix up my resume. Tysha was very honest, knowledgeable, and set the right expectations and goals for a new grad like me. Aside from the awesome resume revamp, her interview prep and coaching helped me advocate for myself when I was interviewing for a technical role with a non-tech background. I ended up getting an offer for the role, which I couldn’t have done without her help throughout the process! Tysha genuinely cares and wants her clients to succeed, and the work she does is a testament to that!"

- Maya Arshad

Quality Engineer at

"Tysha is amazing! This was my first time using a career coach and it has been the best experience and invaluable. Tysha helped me build up my LinkedIn profile, provided me with a cover letter, and spruced up my resume. I went from barely getting called back to having interviews left and right from all of the top companies I was interested in. Tysha checks in periodically has sent recommendations for virtual meet and greets, she's helped me with interviewing skills and above all has been really encouraging throughout this process. I highly recommend her services."

-Michelle Walker

Government Account Manager- SLED at Verizon 

"I truly enjoyed my experience working with Coach Tysha. Her professionalism, expertise, and gentle approach made for a great partnership. After being unemployed for a year due to the pandemic, my resume was not getting the responses from employers as I expected. I contacted Coach Tysha for a fresh resume and new strategies to capture the attention of employers. She suggested creating two resumes that would appeal to corporate employers and government employers. Within a month, I received multiple responses from recruiters and quickly accepted an offer as a full-time employee for a 5-year contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). I was so thankful for Coach Tysha I have recommended her to others including my husband who is preparing for a career transition later this year."

-Gail Davis

Special Assitant- Office of Deputy Administrator- Resilience

"Tysha is amazing! She is professional, personable, and kind. I had a career coach prior to meeting Tysha but he was not the best fit for me. When I was introduced to her, I was a bit skeptical but I was later blown away by her knowledge, expertise, and can do it attitude. My journey with Tysha has been incredible. She helped me with interviews tips and resources as well as conducted a 1:1 interview prep session & salary negotiation session which enabled me to land my first corporate job with the salary I wanted. I would recommend Tysha to anyone who is looking for a career coach."

- Estella Hoff-Bracewell

Treasury Management Advisor at Huntington Bank National Bank

"Tysha is amazing!!! During the past year, I realized that I wanted to do a career shift. I updated my resume on my own but was not having any luck getting interviews. I reached out to Tysha for assistance and from the moment I met her, I knew I wanted to work with her. She is extremely knowledgeable about what she does, and she took the time to understand what roles and positions I wanted to pivot to. Tysha set expectations and followed through on those in a timely fashion. She even reached out to me after we completed my resume to recommend a job for me. I highly recommend her for any resume, interview, or job coaching needs!!"

-Amanada Bartsch MSc, PA-C

Medical Affairs Professional


"I was looking for a career coach to help me highlight my skills during a much-needed time of transition. I decided to go with Tysha after meeting with a few different coaches and I'm so glad I did! After being with the same company for about seven years, I needed a refresher on the best way to get myself back on the job market. Not only did Tysha help me highlight my skill set, but she also gave me countless tips and checked in with me on a regular basis to cheer me on, and even send me referrals. Tysha is a true professional and seems to have the passion and heart for helping people find their ideal job placements. I can't say enough about her positivity and eagerness to help me achieve my career goals!"

-Amber Perry

Technical Recruiter at SIXGEN

About Tysha Tolbert

Welcome to my world! It involves my mantra - to Empower, Enable and Lead. My name is Tysha Tolbert and I am the CEO and Founder of Professionally Pause, a workplace advice platform providing tactical tips and strategies to foster Workplace Success.

I had an incredible corporate America journey, and learned a lot along the way, which I am more than happy to share my insights on how to propel forward and be your best Professional Self. By calling and purpose, I've chosen to commit to career coaching, speaking, and being a success mentor and influencer.

Stay tuned as I offer guidelines and a roadmap to all things that will promote my coined term, Professional Identity Enhancement, which means - Improvement on You and your approach as a Professional , so you uniquely and authentically navigate through your career, workplace, and life path.

Questions? Email me at [email protected]

I invite all who are viewing my site to come and have a pause with me and discuss all things, professionally.


Coach Tysha

"Working 20+ years in my industry, it was time to refresh my resume in order to explore new business opportunities. Tysha responded to my request for a career consultant. She did a fantastic job updating my resume to reflect new formats in the marketplace and new applicant tracking software. She's extremely professional, insightful, and responsive. I highly recommend her to any professional navigating the job market."

- Kimberly Myers

Public Relations & Corporate Communications Professional

"I recently interviewed for a very competitive sales position at Google. There was a lot of competition; therefore, I wanted to make sure I covered every aspect of the interview process. I hired coach Tysha and she helped me create a narrative that clearly communicated how my past accomplishments would help Google achieve their goals for the position. After an arduous interview process, I got the job. If you’re thinking about working with coach Tysha, don’t hesitate. No matter what your expectation are, she will over deliver. She provided me with more value than I could ever imagine, I know she will do the same for you."

- Keril Sawyerr, Google Account Manager

"I hired coach Tysha Tolbert for a resume and interview coaching. In a short time, she helped me master how to articulate my professional story. She designed well my resume and my LinkedIn profile. I got an interview with a great company and thanks to her coaching, I easily and successfully presented my professional story, and you know what??? I was hired. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

-Sourou Paroutchia

"Coach Tysha has been my go to for all things professional development. As a strategic visionary, who "gets it", Coach Tysh has helped me work through complex work matters. There are moments I find myself "professionally pausing" and thinking, 'What would Coach Tysh say?'. I've benefited from her guidance so much that I've referred her to friends and family for interview prep and resume services. I am forever grateful for Coach Tysh!"

- Emily Paku

"One thing that comes to mind about Coach Tysha is commitment! She is committed to what she says she will do. The first week of August I had an interview that came as a surprise and they needed an updated resume, guess who I called? Tysha. I told her the situation and told her that I would be needing it ASAP. She went to work for me and within about 48 hours it was ready. Those were long days and nights she spent pouring over my documents. She is dedicated, committed, and professional. Thanks to her expertise, my interview process went smooth and I am now at work!"

- Ezekiel D

“Coach Tysha is highly knowledgeable of what it takes to be successful and is always willing to help and offer workplace advice.  She coached and assisted me with creating a successful sales strategy when I was still fairly new to the federal space.”

-Amber Pirog

"I truly enjoyed working with Tysha. She took the time to get to know me and my business background as I desperately needed a facelift on my resume. I yearned for help as I had not applied for jobs in over 10 years. After reviewing a few selections from LinkedIn, I felt Tysha's mentoring skills and professional experience best matched my own and would help me to narrow down the skillsets I needed to highlight on my resume, in order to stay competitive. I was not disappointed at all! She not only delivered an amazing product but enabled me to strengthen my personal brand and provided additional resources for me to succeed. Thank you again Tysha!"

- Jonathan Pedican

"Tysha takes career coaching to the next level. She is personable, pragmatic, and wholly dedicated to the success of her clientele. As a tech sales professional navigating the complex sales landscape for a world-renowned software company, I found her insights particularly helpful. As a result of her mentorship, I feel even more confident in my role and ability as a salesperson. Everyone should have a career advocate like Tysha in their corner" - Akin Walker