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I Believe that No Professional Should Quietly Fail. With these trainings, I know that is possible. Learn to be the professional and stand out against the rest. But first, let's take a second to Pause & Reflect.

Now, let's dive in!

Tips For The Professional Online Class

Welcome to my new course, Tips for the Professional. It's all about how to Get the Job. How to Start the Job. and How to Keep the Job.
It's a 2 part training, and in the first section, I'll go into great depth and granular detail how to Interview by Looking, Acting, and Messaging like a professional.
The Second section is what I call the 90 Day Accelerator, and i'll go through great depth and granular detail had to quicken your onboarding ramp, how to maximize your success on the job by doing a 30.60.and 90 day breakdown on how to align into the new environment, and then I'll give notes on pitfalls to avoid and a few other things to remember.

The Professionally Pause Guide to Interviewing

Welcome to my 6 part guide to professionally interviewing. This guide will Provide Tactical Tips & Strategies You Can Immediately Employ for Interviewing Success.

Contents Includes:

  1. Resume
  2. Professional Adjectives
  3. Interview Tips
  4. Interview Planning
  5. LinkedIn Visibility

Plus so much more!

Message Like a Professional - The $7 Interview Checklist.

A 10 page low-cost, high-value coaching tool and resource that enhances your hireability and magnifies your ability to secure a new job.
* Structure your resume impact
* Powerful verbiage and presentation techniques to better promote yourself as the candidate for hire
* Proven method approach for responding to interview questions to answer and clarify your professional story
* Differentiate yourself from your competitors by unleashing a secret weapon to sell who you are and all you bring to the table

The Keys to Interviewing 1-Hour Training

About Tysha Tolbert

Welcome to my world! It involves my mantra - to Empower, Enable and Lead. My name is Tysha Tolbert and I am the CEO and Founder of Professionally Pause, a workplace advice platform providing tactical tips and strategies to foster Workplace Success.

I had an incredible corporate America journey, and learned a lot along the way, which I am more than happy to share my insights on how to propel forward and be your best Professional Self. By calling and purpose, I've chosen to commit to career coaching, speaking, and being a success mentor and influencer.

Stay tuned as I offer guidelines and a roadmap to all things that will promote my coined term, Professional Identity Enhancement, which means - Improvement on You and your approach as a Professional , so you uniquely and authentically navigate through your career, workplace, and life path.

Questions? Email me at [email protected]

I invite all who are viewing my site to come and have a pause with me and discuss all things, professionally.


Coach Tysha

"Coach Tysha has been my go to for all things professional development. As a strategic visionary, who "gets it", Coach Tysh has helped me work through complex work matters. There are moments I find myself "professionally pausing" and thinking, 'What would Coach Tysh say?'. I've benefited from her guidance so much that I've referred her to friends and family for interview prep and resume services. I am forever grateful for Coach Tysh!"

- Emily Paku

"One thing that comes to mind about Coach Tysha is commitment! She is committed to what she says she will do. The first week of August I had an interview that came as a surprise and they needed an updated resume, guess who I called? Tysha. I told her the situation and told her that I would be needing it ASAP. She went to work for me and within about 48hours it was ready. Those were long days and nights she spent pouring over my documents. She is dedicated, committed, and professional. Thanks to her expertise, my interview process went smooth and I am now at work!"

- Ezekiel D

“Coach Tysha is highly knowledgeable of what it takes to be successful and is always willing to help and offer workplace advice.  She coached and assisted me with creating a successful sales strategy when I was still fairly new to the federal space.”

-Amber Pirog